Dolphin Diving Center


We can pick you up at your hotel  around 08h30, after standards forms we try the equipments and go, we choose the diving site according to the weather. North or South, we have many options.

Panormo ( Day trip by Dive boat ): 10 min drive by car to the typical port of Panormo, there are fiffirents diving grat locations can be reached within 5 to 10 min by dive boat, the underwater world offers small caves diving depth 30 meters.

Noth Coast Bali: 20 min drive by car along the noth coast to the picturesque village of Bali, ideal spot for with protection from wind and waves, perfect for beginners, max diving depth is 20 meters.

Haracas: 25 min drive by car to the bays of Haracas, there are many intersting diving plaves for the beginners as well as experinced divers, the diving depth are between 10 and 30 meters

South Coast Shinaria (Day trip 2 dives): just 45 min distance by car to the secluded bay of Shinaria which is cua by several underwater canyons, on the left side there is a steep slope overgrown with colorful varied flora, to the right hand opens a chimney which one easy can dive through, the diving depth ranges down to 35 meters.